[Libreoffice-qa] Send Feedback...and BSA ideas

Joel Madero jmadero.dev at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 12:06:00 PDT 2013

Hi All,

After a long discussion with Robinson we came up with a quasi workable 
plan for what we hope to be the new setup for "send feedback..." - I 
think currently there are a couple problems with the send feedback 
button within LibreOffice:

a) Send Feedback... implies more than just bug reporting but currently 
it's only linked to BSA

b) It is assumed that the increase of user support questions being 
submitted as bug reports is coming from send feedback...

c) BSA requires additional logins - so if a user wants to submit 
feedback they have to get an account

So here was the idea(s):

Landing page similar to Mozilla's (smiley face/frowny face) with perhaps 
2 or 3 options - user support, bug report, maybe "get involved" or some 
such thing

If they click "bug report" it would go to BSA but to address Bjoern's 
concern about the number of steps required to report a bug (ie. 
mandatory to get an account, sign in, etc...) we would allow users to 
report without an account but give the option to get an account and 
explain how it's helpful to have one.

The idea is that if the user chooses to submit without an account, the 
bug will be reported under a default account (possibly 
bugs at tdfplanet.org), they will be forced to enter an email address and 
do a captcha - then their email address would go into the bug report as 
a CC'ed user.

So this would affect BSA as a whole - the negative(s):

1. Reporters won't be as accurate any more - but honestly I'm not sure 
if we care about this

2. Reporters will need an account if they are going to comment on their 
bug in the future, may result in NEEDINFO's going stagnant but....this 
is the case anyways probably not going to result in a huge increase.

Currently Mozilla (which we discussed during ESC) doesn't force a user 
account so, if we can emulate this and get to a landing page which 
avoids having to sign up for accounts - might be a good thing.

Before we move forward looking for feedback, Robinson feel free to 
expand on anything that I missed.

Warm Regards,

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