[Libreoffice-qa] LO does not start from KDE menu?

Sophie gautier.sophie at gmail.com
Thu Jul 25 09:49:25 PDT 2013

Hi Thomas,
Le 25/07/2013 18:38, Thomas Hackert a écrit :
> Hello @ll,
> after I have installed LO Version: Build ID:
> 89ea49ddacd9aa532507cbf852f2bb22b1ace28 with Germanophone help- as
> well as langpack, I am no longer able to start it from "K menu -
> Office - LibreOffice 4.1 Writer" (there is also a menu item missing
> for LO StartCenter ... :( ). There is no splash screen or anything
> ... :( When I start LO via /opt/libreoffice4.1/program/soffice, it
> works ... ;)
> The package for KDE menu integration is installed as well as the one
> for the integration in Debian. Did I miss something?
> OS: Debian Testing AMD64
> LO Version: Build ID:
> 89ea49ddacd9aa532507cbf852f2bb22b1ace28
> KDE: 4.8.4

So with the same version but
OS:Debian 7.0 Gnome 3.6,
all is ok, with
OS:Ubuntu 13.04 Gnome 3.8, I encountered one error about the debian 
integration package, but it may be due to that bug :
where I didn't remove everything because it works fine finally, the icon 
applications are all here. I'll try to do a clean install again.
So it seems different from your problem.

Kind regards

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