[Libreoffice-qa] [GSoC] Character border in Writer

Zolnai Tamás zolnaitamas2000 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 01:20:39 PDT 2013

Hi all,

     I'm Zolnai Tamás and work on character border as a GSoC project.
Character border means border around a run of characters (only in Writer).

Description of my project on melange:

     By now character border can be added to the selected text with the
specified color, width and height. Later I will extend this with border
margin and shadow depend on my progress, but first I intend to handle
special cases, like vertical text, drop caps and numbering. The last two
cases makes this feature more useful, so I have to make them work perfect.
     My feature branch already has been merged to the master and I will
work directly into master hereafter. So my work will be more tested by
tinderboxes and maybe by other developers (at least by my mentors).
     I'm writing detailed notes, about my daily work (mainly for my

Best Regards,
Zolnai Tamás
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