[Libreoffice-qa] Question bug-or-feature on bug 66219

Jan Koberstein jk2308.lists at gmail.com
Fri Jun 28 01:24:52 PDT 2013

Hello all,

I did some investigations on
horizontal line separators after saving as "doc" and
reopening) and can confirm that the mentioned behavior is present in LibO and

To reproduce I used following steps
- new Writer Document
- write some lines / paragraphs
- mark some paragraph
- Menu -> Format -> Paragraph ... -> the Paragraph property window pops up,
- in Paragraph window -> Borders -> Line arrangement -> User-definied ->
check one of the lines,
- in Paragraph window -> Borders -> Properties -> uncheck "Merge with next

now I have a document mit some lines and each line has a line separator

- save as DOC
- reopen -> only the last line separator is displayed

I tried to reproduce same look-a-like in MS Word 2007, but I was not able
to create more than one line separator, because I did not find something
like the "Merge with next paragraph" checkbox.
Maybe the DOC/DOCX-files do not support line separators after each line, so
maybe it is not a bug in LibO, but a missing feature in MS Word.

Is it a bug or a missing feature in MS Word?
Are there any sources to get this information online?

Best regards,
Jan Koberstein

*Please don't blame me for my mistakes in english language, because I'm not
a native speaker and still trying to improve ...
OS: Win7 Home Prem 32bit, LibO Version (Build ID: 1b39567)*
*OS: Win7 Home Prem 32bit, LibO Version (Build ID: f969faf)*
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