[Libreoffice-qa] Calc quality and compatibility tests

Pedro pedlino at gmail.com
Fri Mar 1 03:20:13 PST 2013

Hi Michael

Michael Meeks-2 wrote
> 	There must be some locale sensitivity in the sheet the; in en_US.UTF-8
> locale it works fine for me; take a look:
> 	http://users.freedesktop.org/~michael/datefuns.png
> 	Which highlights some of the problems with building reliable tests I
> suspect ;-)

There was no need at all for the screenshot...
Yes, locale must have something to do with it. But changing locale is not
causing changes...
Actually the MONTH problem seems to highlight an inconsistency between OSes
(unless you manually selected 01/01/1900 as the reference date...)

Michael Meeks-2 wrote
>> I'm not sure I follow your logic here. There are major structural changes
>> needed so it's best not to touch it? Is it like a wasp's nest?
> 	Certainly not - we need to fix this specific issue - but we also have
> some other major structural changes that we plan in the calc core. We
> want to do those changes fire since they will conflict with and/or
> hinder that work, and doing them later will make them easier to do IMHO
> etc. Not all tasks are standalone - but if you want to work on something
> here let me know.

Excellent. Sounds like a good plan. I will focus on the corner cases then ;)

Michael Meeks-2 wrote
>> I'm puzzled! How come =sum(2,2) equals 5???
> 	It doesn't ;-) notice the file is called 'hard-recalc.ods' - the filter
> loads and shows the (wrong) number stored in the .ods as the result
> without re-calculating, and then tests the functionality behind:
> 	https://help.libreoffice.org/Calc/Recalculate
> 	With a hard-recalculate. So we know that that works and hasn't
> regressed :-)

Interesting. But then pressing F9 should result in 4 and changing
"Recalculation on file load" for "ODF Spreadsheet" to "Prompt user" should
ask to recalculate and result in 4 and neither of these actions do
Am I missing something or did I just find a couple of bugs/regressions?
( BTW changing "Recalculation on file load" for "ODF Spreadsheet" to "Always
Recalculate" does result in 4. Yay! :) )

Michael Meeks-2 wrote
> 	Sure why not said that - as Markus says, if there are corner cases that
> are not whole categories of problem - (eg. the boolean issue is not
> tractable just yet), and are isolated to single functions, and are not
> related to Excel's date complications, then - it'd be good to have some
> nice clean regression tests for those - and we can split them up into
> bugs or easy-hacks to fix.

I will look into those. Wouldn't it make sense that when opening an XLS or
XLSX file the reference date was the same as in Excel? Shouldn't this date
also be available as an option?


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