[Libreoffice-qa] Should we use the "QA Contact" field?

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Fri Mar 1 08:52:47 PST 2013

Joel Madero píše v Út 26. 02. 2013 v 12:23 -0800:
> Hm I have mixed feelings about these requirements. I think that what
> it says is "this person prioritized the bug and did initial testing".
> Personally if you say that any person who adds their name to there has
> become indefinitely responsible for a vast number of tasks including
> but not limited to bt and bibisecting, it will scare away valuable QA
> people. 

Another problem is when the person stop being active or is busy with
some other stuff for few weeks.

Note that many people contribute when they have free time and it depends
on how the life goes. Students have exams, people might fall in love,
get some some new responsibilities, get sick.

> I think that the first QA person who changes the status should add
> their name. If additional things are requested that QA person will
> either:
> 1) Do the additional testing themselves
> 2) Find someone else to do it

I would not enforce this but I would make it optional. By other words, I
would take inspiration from the developers side where the "random" names
in assigned fields just created false feeling that the developer was
going to work on the bug soon.

I would do it the following way:

1. If a triager is heavily interested into particular bug, have it under
   control, wants to provide more information when needed, it would be
   great to put the name into the "QA Contact".

2. If a triager is interested into a bug but does not feel like becoming
   responsible for it, it would be great to put the name into CC. He/she
   will get mails about new comments and would be able to react faster.

3. If a triager just add a comment with some observation, it should be
   enough to just leave the comment. The name is recorded, so anyone
   could add it into CC and ask for more details later.

The last point is questionable. It would be great to have all commenters
in CC but it would be a nightmare for the most active triagers. They
would get too many mails from bugzilla. Many mails are not that
interesting if you are not expert in the given area and you mentioned
all your findings in your comment :-)

Best Regards,

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