[Libreoffice-qa] proposed mysql-connector-ooo for 32 bit Linux for LibreOffice 4.X

Alex Thurgood alex.thurgood at gmail.com
Sat Mar 9 00:38:39 PST 2013

Le 06/03/2013 21:12, Dan Lewis a écrit :

Hi Dan,

>       I have built  this connector while also building LibreOffice 4.0.1
> alpha. I am also beginning the process to add it to the Extensions on
> the LO website. Since the previous 32 bit connector for mysql no longer
> works for 4.X, I wonder if this will change the information needed to
> make it available to the Extensions pages. LO recognizes it as
> MySQL Connector 1.0.2.
>        So, any suggestions as what to do in a case like this?

Well I would take a deep breath, sit down and try and think of some 
pleasant thoughts because...

the whole mysql connector code is being reworked to switch to MariaDB at 
this very moment. In other words, the switch you used to build the 
connector has changed, and the code is in a serious state of flux, so it 
may or may not build for you anymore...(it doesn't for me on OSX, but 
then that's been par for the course recently)

No announcement on the dev list, just pushed like that to master, 
without warning. Whilst I appreciate that developers just "do their own 
thing", I had understood that feature changes like this were to be 
worked on as a separate branch and then merged, ho hum. It means that I 
spent 2 days trying to debug my crash problem with my OSX connector with 
gdb and other assorted OSX programs only to find out that I couldn't 
rebuild it again. Needless to say, I'm one unhappy bunny.

I've decided to throw in the towel on this one. I'm also going to stop 
wasting my time on mysql/db QA in general and building on OSX for 
testing purposes.

I will however wish you good luck in your endeavour.


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