[Libreoffice-qa] feedback needed for TDF annual report

Florian Effenberger floeff at documentfoundation.org
Mon Mar 11 05:57:23 PDT 2013


one of the legal requirements of running a foundation is to send in an 
annual report. In fact, it's two reports: One financial report, which 
mostly Thorsten takes care of (thanks so much!), and one activity 
report, which is mostly on my desk at the moment.

We need to list all activities we have done, all milestones achieved, 
and hand that over to the authorities, to show that we have been doing 
what's outlined in our statutes, and that we were active and not just 
collected money. ;-)

This report is due end of April, and to be in time and have some reserve 
for changes and translations, the board wants to approve it end of March 
(!) already. It must be formally approved by the board.

I will look at the announce mailing list as well as the blog, but the 
more material I receive, the better it is. So, today, I would like to 
ask everyone in the community for feedback:

	- What major achievements have you done?
	- What events did you participate in?
	- Did you get new contributors, donors, supporters?
	- Did you participate in any third-party projects on behalf of LibreOffice?
	- What were your highlights of the previous year?

In a nutshell: We are about to write a review of our first year as 
foundation. The good news is, we have been very active. ;-)

The report will be public, so please only send in information that is 
meant for the general public. It does not need to be too technical, so 
rather than telling "we have implemented function XYZ, improved API 
functions ABC" and so on, make it understandable for a wide audience.

So we can collect all documents in one place, please send your feedback 
directly to info at documentfoundation.org (I am not subscribed to all 
mailing lists). Images, videos, slides and other materials are highly 
welcome as well. You would *really* help me a lot if you could send 
already some written text I can work with, but if that's not possible, 
some keywords are ok as well.

2012 was an exciting and very successful year for TDF, so let's present 
this to the public - thank you for your cooperation on this!

Thanks a lot!

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