[Libreoffice-qa] BUGZILLAASSISTANT broken due to &nbsp in Component names

Rainer Bielefeld LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de
Wed Mar 13 00:57:01 PDT 2013

> I don't understand what is changed. Why do we want to go from spaces in
> a wiki to &nbsp

Hi Rob,

the intended  main change I did was that I corrected wrong space 
encoding "%" to "%20"

With that wrong encoding the query in the "general" link in the Help 
leads to 
what of course will not find any hits.

Additionally I removee the Sub Component "general", what does not make 
any sense together with "all other", what also is somehow general.

And after that I added a new mistake with the " " due to obsolete 
private notes (without thinking about them), some (long) time ago that 
was necessary with oder Wikimedia for getting some templates working. I 
corrected my notes and corrected Wiki:BugReport_Details back to normal 
paces in the Component name.

So this problem should no longer exist?

> any module-name change breaks the BSA

Of course changes in Bugzilla and Wiki have to be done synchronously and 
afterwards BSA has to be updated, and that's similar to Version changes 
from rc to release. That's known and accepted. But that should not cause 
an enduring "break"?
Of course syntax rules have to be respected. <I will add some syntax 
hint for the wiki 
matching with the current needs.

What Else?
I will check existing AIR bugs and add some some appropriate sub 
components, soon. After some basic change help of AIR users will be 
appreciated, that does not run on my prehistoric Android 2.1 tablet, so 
that I have no own experience. For example: do we have some help in that 
App leading to the BSA?

And BTW: we should use UTC times instead of "yesterday" and similar, in 
a worldwide project those time zone related info can be worrying for 
people who do not know where wirder lives.

Please do not start discussions in the Bugzilla administration info log.

Please excuse me for the carelessness,



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