[Libreoffice-qa] Fwd: Fwd: Bug sur Nouveau dans le BSA français!

Rob Snelders rob at ertai.nl
Thu Mar 14 14:50:23 PDT 2013

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Hi All,

I think the BSA in French is usable now. Can some people check it
again? [1]. There is a link to Triage for beginners in French [2] in
the BSA.

There is still a bug with logging in as you have to login again after
each refresh, which is worse than with the normal BSA. And also the
read more.. links aren't set to the French links yet.

I already set the email to qa at fr.libreoffice.org.

Getting more locales to do the same can be done pretty easy. A lot of
parts are ready for more languages but a few parts needs more tweaking
to allow more languages.

- --
Rob Snelders

[1]: https://bugassistant.libreoffice.org/libreoffice/bug/bug_fr.html
[2]: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Triage_For_Beginners/fr

Op 13-03-13 15:05, sophie schreef:
> Hi Rob, On 12/03/2013 22:37, Rob Snelders wrote:
>> Hi Sophie,
>> I had emailed this last weekend. But I forgot to add you. Can you
>>  translate the needed parts?
> So, I've translated the file attached and the wiki page you
> indicated.
>> Can you also look if the process is ok?
> Everything is ok with the submission. I need to translate this
> page https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Triage_For_Beginners I'll
> do it this evening.
>> At the bottom is the email that the BSA will send attached.
> So here is the correct translation of the content of this mail : 
> -------------------------------------------------- Bonjour,
> Un nouveau rapport de bug a été soumis en français. L'un d'entre
> vous peut-il confirmer ce bug ou le traduire pour nous ?
> Composant : Version : Keywords : Sujet : Description longue :
> Description du problème :
> Étape pour reproduire 1. ... 2. ... 3. ...
> Comportement actuel :
> Comportement attendu :
> Merci pour votre aide, BSA 
> ----------------------------------------- The list where the mail
> should be send is qa at fr.libreoffice.org.
> Hope that everything is ok for you. Don't hesitate if you need 
> anything else. And thanks a lot for your work on this :) Kind
> regards Sophie
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