[Libreoffice-qa] Fwd: Fwd: Bug sur Nouveau dans le BSA français!

Rainer Bielefeld LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de
Sat Mar 16 00:35:20 PDT 2013

Hi Rob,

I saw, that I got e-mails concerning my BSA-FR test bug submissions with 
CC for French QA list ("Bug sur Nouveau dans le BSA français!"). Is that 
for test affairs or the plan for the general proceeding in future?

It's a French-QA-List decision, but I would not be happy with such 
additional mails. I use feeds with well considered queries what tell me 
that a bug what might meet with my skills and/or interests has been 
submitted. I think that that is more efficient.

My main concern:
I urgently recommend to avoid any appearance that we would encourage 
users to submit Bugs in French (or whatever else in future) language. My 
experience is that briefness and clarity of a Bug are important 
conditions for a quick bug fix. If a developer has to work through a 
very long Bug with lots of comments and may be non-English discussions 
in it he will be deterred.

I consider any French BSA UI without a hint that English is preferred 
Language as a bug.

I know, it's something completely new, but may be a better solution 
might be a checkbox:
a) if reporter checks
    "I report in my mother tongue and need translation help"
b) BSA
b1) creates a bug with only 1 text line: "A bugreport by mail has
     been sent to <qa at fr.libreoffice.org>, list members will provide
     detailed information soon (and attach attachment)"
b2) sends all info reporter contributed by mail to
     <qa at fr.libreoffice.org> (as already is done in the mails
    "Bug sur Nouveau dans le BSA français!" I got during my tests)

only a suggestion for an enhancement, and of course also with some 
disadvantages, several QA members (like me) understand enough French to 
understand a report in English language



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