[Libreoffice-qa] Page for BSA process in other languages

Nino Novak nn.libo at kflog.org
Thu Mar 21 11:45:11 PDT 2013

Am 21.03.2013 18:59, schrieb Sophie Gautier:

> This is a process, not intended for users of the BSA but dedicated to
> the NL QA teams and its organization, of course l10n of the page will
> follow so moving the page after will be more difficult. So I would like
> to follow the QA project rules here.

IMO the Wiki is a bit messy as we did not care too much about content 
organisation in the beginning.

Personally I'd prefer to have a hierarchically organized Page tree like 
there was in the ooowiki, with a clear hierarchy like
Though, with the localized subpages feature (QA/xy...), it's a bit 
difficult to organize a content based page hierarchy.

But we should try, at least IMHO.


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