[Libreoffice-qa] about moztrap attachment missing :(

Yifan Jiang yfjiang at suse.com
Mon Mar 25 22:01:21 PDT 2013

Hi Thomas,

On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 07:38:39PM +0100, Thomas Hackert wrote:
> > Of course, I saw your previous discussion as well.
> which one? The one on the Germanophone discuss ML?

hehe, I meant I saw your active discussion in the mailing list at
de.libreoffice.org. My point was we do not assign the permission
blindly to people who have never had relevant work before, which may
cause unexpected trouble. So demonstrated contribution is a good
reason to make us to assign Moztrap managing permission and I believe
you are the right person :)

> > Please be aware to let the mailing list know if you want to revise
> Which ML? This one?

Yes, the libreoffice-qa mailing list will be the ideal place.

> Oh, I just want to translate existing ones to German ... ;) Maybe
> correct some existing ones (when I find a missing attachment, spelling
> mistakes or so ... ;)

Cool, this is even more easy to do than to add case. With your account
login, find the interesting case in:


Then click the pencil icon at the head part of the test case line, you
will jump to edting page. Find the section of German, and you can
translate the cases there.

By default you are in "version 0" automatically, more about version is
explained as below.

> What about
> https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Moztrap/Moztrap_Admin_Guide? Your
> linked site seems a little bit too developish to me (when it starts with
> "REST API") ... :(

Yes, it makes sense if you want to do translate existed cases
only. Plus these pages give an overview of how we are exactly using
Moztrap for Libreoffice test cases management.


> What does "Version 0" mean? Is this the same as "4.0" from LO?

Version 0 is a special version we defined in Moztrap as a *base*
version for every other versions. Other versions should be consistent
with the target LO version that we are gonna test.

To be in more clear explanation, VERSION is a Moztrap specific concept
distinguishing a test case content from different versions, by the
fact, though unusually, we may have different test case instructions
for the same test topic.

When we create a test run for testing, we have to specify a VERSION,
which means exactly only the cases in that VERSION will be shown in
the target test run.

Namely, we may have the same set test cases in different test
runs. However, thanks to the VERSION feature, these test cases set can
be in different wording because they are actually independent in

All the above reveals the VERSION importance when we managing test
cases. Moztrap has a solution for how to correctly manage versions. I
am not gonna be verbose here, but the reason we want to at least
update everything generic in "Version 0" is we want a consistent case
version management. As a result:

    - we have a community "agreement" that each case's Version 0 is
      the latest edited version of the test case
    - every new version is "branched" from Version 0, so that they can
      include the latest update of the test cases

This is the way how we are gonna manage versions in a cooperative
way. More details can be found in the headache documents above :)

Just in case, in practice, the 'version' operation of a test case can
be found on the right top corner when you edit a case like:


> >     later versions, so that all the versions of the test case would
> >     have the new test case included. 
> >   
> > Any questions please do not hesitate to ask :)
> As only a simple user, who just want to translate the test cases, I find
> this information too much ... :( Do I really know all this stuff?

No, it is not necessary to read through everything before start
working, but it makes sense to understand what will be changed or
influenced by your revising :) To this aspect, the documents are good

> > > And I miss a function to skip tests in Moztrap ... :( Is it possible to
> > > implement it?
> > 
> > Sorry I did not notice features like that. How does that work as?
> > Would you specify a little bit more.
> When I logged in to run the test, the first one was the test to install
> the Korean Langpack and do some tests with it. As I am not a Korean nor
> able to read or write it, I would like to see a button "Skip Test" as
> there are only buttons for "Pass Test" and "Fail Step". I am there to
> test the Germanophone version of LO, not the Korean nor Japanese nor ...
> ;) And maybe there are test cases not fitting my OS, architecture or the
> like. And then I would like to be able to skip a test instead of click
> on "Fail Step" ... ;)
> Something as it was in the old OOo TCM ... ;)

Hehe, not necessarily mark to skip. If you do not test it, simply
leave it there alone.

Actually you simply need to mark pass/fail/invalid what you have done.
Leave other uninteresting cases for other people who may be interested
in them. That is to say, other people can see which cases have been
executed by you, and vice versa :)

> Thank you for your information and have a nice evening

Thank you for your comments and questions :) They help out to refine
the documentation. Please let me know if you find anything obsolete or
unclear in wiki page.

  Yifan Jiang
  Libreoffice / SUSE
  Contact: yifan - irc.freenode.net/libreoffice

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