[Libreoffice-qa] What should we do with bugs filed against Extensions/Templates?

Robinson Tryon bishop.robinson at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 21:08:03 PDT 2013

In our last QA Meeting we discussed what we should do with bugs filed
against Extensions or Templates. We didn't make much headway on the
discussion, as reflected in the minutes:

-AGREED: Move discussion to email, try to find consensus, if not vote to decide


[Note: From this point forward, for ease of conversation I'm just
going to say 'Extension', but what I really mean is Extensions,
Templates, and any other add-ons]

The basic problem is that bugs are filed against Extensions and
Templates in the same manner as bugs filed against LibreOffice proper.
We had general agreement that the developer of the Extension should be
responsible for dealing with his own bugs, but there are some wrinkles
and caveats:

* There are some Extensions that are bundled with LibreOffice – these
are clearly within our scope to support, even if author has quit
developing the Extension

* Here are some suggestions on what to do with Extensions that
LibreOffice does not officially support:

1. Close as NOTOURBUG + comment to contact extensions author
    -Remember some extensions are bundled with LibreOffice
    -Here adding ability to have “comments” on extensions would be
great so that users could directly get in touch with extension
    -If comment not available, having an easy “contact author” button
would be good

2. New Product for “Extensions” on FDO
    -Add an entirely new product on FDO for Extensions
    -Some concern that this will not help QA at all and will only confuse users
    -Another potential issue is if we have a contract with FDO for 1
product (not sure)
    -Another issue is that we would use component for this product for
each extension, meaning we would have >150 components. Lots of work
for QA to sort

3. Add a New Component (Official Extensions vs. Unofficial)
    -Official would be our bug, unofficial would get #1 option applied

Other Notes

* Having an “official badge” was discussed, would be a really useful
addition to extension site

* If author has abandoned their extension, we can either delete the
extension if it's broken or make bug report an enhancement if another
developer wishes to fix it


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