[Libreoffice-qa] White bar at the bottom of "Tools - Options - LibreOffice - Appearance"

Thomas Hackert thackert at nexgo.de
Sun Nov 3 00:56:49 PDT 2013

Hello Pedro, *,
On Samstag, 2. November 2013 18:09 Pedro wrote:
> Thomas Hackert wrote
>> In LO Version: Build ID:
>> 40b2d7fde7e8d2d7bc5a449dc65df4d08a7dd38 with installed
>> Germanophone lang- as well as helppack, it does not evident, as
>> the background of this dialog is white as well. It only seems to
>> be a little more space than needed there ... ;) But if you have a
>> look at LO Version: Build ID:
>> aeb29afa11b7be87153f048044a2d4af9a87b50c TinderBox:
>> Linux-rpm_deb-x86_64 at 46-TDF, Branch:master, Time:
>> 2013-10-29_20:58:33 with installed en-US lang- as well as
>> helppack, the background of this dialog is grey, so the space
>> below is visible ... :( Is this a bug or a feature?
>> Is it only on my system, or can someone with another
>> OS/architecture/graphics chip or card/something else can confirm
>> it?
> Confirmed that there is extra white space under the last item and
> also confirmed that it looks worse under 4.2 Alpha.

thank you very much for confirming :)

> I'm using Windows XP Pro x86 SP3 and tested both on ATI Radeon and
> Nvidia ION (same as Geforce 9400M) so this is not related to
> graphics chip or card. In both systems resolution is at 1280x1024.

Ah, O.K. Thank you for the info :)

> I wouldn't call this a bug (definitely not a feature :) )... maybe
> a small quirk?

Maybe ... ;) What do others here think? Should I open a bugreport 
for it?
Have a nice day

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