[Libreoffice-qa] Where should users report bugs?

Rob Snelders rob at ertai.nl
Wed Nov 6 09:54:21 PST 2013


On 06-11-13 17:48, Thomas Hackert wrote:
> Hello Pedro, *,
> On Mittwoch, 6. November 2013 17:08 Pedro wrote:
>> Thomas Hackert wrote
>>>> But providing a valid email should be enough for all
>>>> that. It should not be required to create an account.
>>> But how will you know, if it is a valid mail address? It could be
>>> an one-way mail address or some fake address ... :( Remember all
>>> the HowTos and documentation, which uses "example.com" address as
>>> an example ... ;)
>> Emails can be validated (in the same way your email client
>> immediately informs you that an address is not valid: it checks
>> with the target mail server)
> really? I seem to remember, that I have heard/read somewhere, that
> it is not that difficult to configure your MUA to fool the receiver
> with a different mail address ... ;) But I am not sure, where it was
> or how has told it ... :( But I remember a friend of mine, who
> changed his MUA that way, that it seems to be a mail of a celebrity,
> although it was only him ... ;)

I have always learned to turn that feature off. So you can't verify a 
mail-address against the mailserver I maintained. I don't think I'm the 
only one as that is a way to fight spam. So they can't file bugs anymore?

>> In any case if the user bothers to create an email account just to
>> post a bug report, then he *really* wants to report the bug but he
>> doesn't to be contacted!
> O.K.

I have yet to see a valid other way, and somebody to implement such 
feature. I think we should at least make the registration-requirement 
later in the process but even that I haven't implemented yet due to time 
shortage/other features to implement.


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