[Libreoffice-qa] Where should users report bugs?

Rob Snelders libreoffice at ertai.nl
Wed Nov 6 11:32:18 PST 2013

On 06-11-13 19:08, Pedro wrote:
> Hi Rob
> Rob Snelders-2 wrote
>>>> Emails can be validated (in the same way your email client
>>>> immediately informs you that an address is not valid: it checks
>>>> with the target mail server)
>> I have always learned to turn that feature off. So you can't verify a
>> mail-address against the mailserver I maintained. I don't think I'm the
>> only one as that is a way to fight spam. So they can't file bugs anymore?
> I was thinking about regular people who use regular mails. Not people
> running their own servers...

I think that a lot of hardcore users would be mad if you exclude them. I 
wouldn't want that, as some of our developers are those users, I for 
example wouldn't be able to work on the BSA anymore. So a big NO against 
any such rule.

> And the answer would be no, they couldn't. But then again, you can't
> register to Bugzilla without a valid email, so I can't see why people are
> arguing against my suggestion...
> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/createaccount.cgi

Ah.. the bugzilla-page you are pointing to doesn't do that either. It 
just does a simple regex-test (which only validates if the text entered 
could be a email-address) and then sends you a email. That is a totaly 
different process then you explained.

> Rob Snelders-2 wrote
>> I think we should at least make the registration-requirement
>> later in the process
> I disagree. I think that the requirements must be obvious from the start. If
> a registration is required the user should know and agree with it.
> When I come across sites that do those kind of tricks, my reaction is to
> close the page immediately. And then the site looses my feedback and I am
> pissed because I wasted my time...

Ok. Maybe I explained it wrong. The login is explained and you can see 
the login-button from the start. But you are not required to 
login/create a account until the last step. Is that better or still a 
bad idea?


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