[Libreoffice-qa] Where should users report bugs?

Pedro pedlino at gmail.com
Wed Nov 6 12:42:57 PST 2013

Rob Snelders-3 wrote
> I think that a lot of hardcore users would be mad if you exclude them. I 
> wouldn't want that, as some of our developers are those users, I for 
> example wouldn't be able to work on the BSA anymore. So a big NO against 
> any such rule.

We are discussing about a simplified method for a newbie to submit some
report... How did this escalate to hardcore developers? Hardcore developers
should subscribe to Bugzilla the standard way :)
This is about a *user* friendly email verification for first users.

Rob Snelders-3 wrote
> Ah.. the bugzilla-page you are pointing to doesn't do that either. It 
> just does a simple regex-test (which only validates if the text entered 
> could be a email-address) and then sends you a email. That is a totally 
> different process then you explained.

Yes, I know the method is different. 
I never imagined that validating an email address would be such a problem...

Rob Snelders-3 wrote
> Ok. Maybe I explained it wrong. The login is explained and you can see 
> the login-button from the start. But you are not required to 
> login/create a account until the last step. Is that better or still a 
> bad idea?

That is obviously better than having the login as the first step and if it
is clear that it is a requirement then it allows the user to choose if he
wants to continue.

I just realized that once logged to BSA I can't log out :)

BSA is a BIG improvement over Bugzilla but it is still too technical...
Isn't it much nicer "LibreOffice version you were using" instead of "Version
the bug appeared"?

My 2 cents ;)

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