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Robinson Tryon bishop.robinson at gmail.com
Sat Nov 16 17:36:05 PST 2013

On Sat, Nov 16, 2013 at 6:51 AM, Nino <nn.libo at kflog.org> wrote:
> One critical point seems to be the content/look & feel of the landing
> page, so thank you for the draft! (IMHO the page should be nice, short
> and comprehensive.)
> And IMHO the community should be given sufficient opportunity to comment
> on this page and to translate it before it goes li[v]e.

Right now the 'Give Feedback' link in the program just goes to the
BSA, so IMHO think that any (halfway decent) feedback page would be an
improvement over just a link to the bugtracker.

Sophie is taking the lead on the l10n aspects of the feedback page. I
think that addition l10n support should be pretty straightforward, but
I'm quite happy to have some additional help. Because the feedback
page is server-side, we can add translations to the website as they
are completed by the individual language teams.

> Did you ask for
> comments in ux-advice?

Not yet!  [ux-advise list cc'd now :-]

Hiya UX peeps:

Here's the mockup, if people want to take a gander:

Here's the code:

Yes, it needs a little love (especially some padding -- those
sentences look so unhappy crammed in to those tiny boxes!). Just send
me a pull request and I'll review and merge.

> How about changing the three primary sign posts to
> + REPORT a BUG / file an enhancement request
>   (combine the two as both go to bugzilla/BSA)

I like the idea of having two separate 'sign posts' for Bug and
Enhancement, because I think that most people see them differently.
This also will help us to get enhancements tagged properly as such,
which reduces work for QA.

(Which is the primary reason I'm pushing this project forward: To get
bugs, enhancement request, and questions filed in the right tool)

Yes, both 'Bug' and 'Enhancement' buttons will (currently) redirect to
the same BSA page, but in the future I hope that we can give a
customized bug reporting experience that will be slightly different
for bugs and for enhancements.

> + GET IN CONTACT with the community / Contribute
>   (with Links to mailing lists/IRC/whatever...)

I think that some kind of "Join the Community" sign post would be a
great addition. I think it should take a more background role, as it's
not exactly a type of feedback and probably won't address the feedback
that most site visitors want to leave for us, but I definitely think
it should be there.

I think we need to offer our users more opportunities to join the
community. As an example, I'd love for us to offer some options to bug
reporters after they're finished reporting a bug:
* Have another bug or question for us?  (take them back to the feedback page)
* Got some programming chops? Want to take a crack at fixing this bug
yourself? (link to Dev get-started page)
* File a bug, Confirm a bug: If you help us confirm another bug in our
system, we'll be able to fix your bug even faster! (link to some
fisher-price instructions on how to find/triage/confirm a bug in

I'd like to keep the 'Give (general) Feedback' sign post on the list
for two reasons
1) Some people just like to say 'thanks' to us, and there's no way to
do that right now (or give any other general feedback)

2) It gives people a separate place to rant (and might keep some of
the fluff out of our bugtracker and Ask site)


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