[Libreoffice-qa] Fantastic Work QA Team :)

Joren DC jorendc at libreoffice.org
Sun Nov 24 13:25:45 PST 2013

Joel Madero schreef op 24/11/13 18:04:
> Hi All,
> Last week I sent out an email congratulating the team for getting the
> bug count down to 1,1,24 unconfirmed bugs (this was down nearly 100 in
> just a couple weeks).
> Well, thanks to some incredible effort by members of the team, we're
> now down to 987 bugs - in just 3 days (yes, 3) we've dropped the
> number by nearly 150 bugs. We've also handled a ton of the really old
> unconfirmed bugs which is great.
To visualize this spectacular drop:

Nice work team!

Kind regards,

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