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Eric P pedereri at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 04:26:05 PDT 2014


I am trying to post a question on one of the libreoffice forums but I am
running a linux distro that has a lot of java security so I cannot see the
recaptcha to post anywhere (it happens to all websites that use recaptcha,
it simply does not show up). So I am forced to use this method of
communication sorry if this is spamming or annoying in some way, but if you
made it possible to use your forums without recaptcha, then I wouldn't have
to use this email list. Anyways my question that I tried to post is below,
if someone could anwser it that would be really nice, thanks.

I am making a biosynthesis pathway in my thesis using libreoffice impress
and I made a circular arrow that goes down quite a ways from the point of
origin and as a result the arrow head has gotten quite large, but that is
not what I want to happen, so is there some way to decrease its size
without decreasing the size of the arrow? Maybe there is an option or a box
somwhere that I am missing? Thanks

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