[Libreoffice-qa] Base has serious problems with forms with subforms within subforms

Joel Madero jmadero.dev at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 12:14:47 PDT 2014

Hey Dan,

      There are now three bug reports on this particular problem: 81976,
> 82150 (mine), and 82151 (filed by the person who mentioned the problem in
> the user list).  I have marked mine as a duplicate of 81976. Between the
> three bug reports, there are three databases which exhibit the problem. How
> much confirmation is needed? Any idea when this might be fixed? ( 81976 was
> filed for

First a big thank you for taking the time to help out with reporting and
what not.

So for confirmation - what we like is for someone experienced in QA or
developer side to confirm because then we can tell 100% that the bug report
is "good" in the sense that it's easily reproducible with the provided
steps/attachments/etc... Because our team is so overloaded with work we
really want to ensure that our time is used wisely (which means clear
reports that we can quickly go through and see the issue).

As far as ETA - we don't give these ever, our project is filled with
volunteers working for free and they tackle bugs when they want (ie. we
don't push bugs to developers). This being said, there are additional steps
you can take to help a developer easily fix the issues.

Are you running Linux? If so, if I could help you do a bibisect (which
takes some time but is TREMENDOUSLY helpful) I am willing to take the time
to do this. After it's done and assuming it goes well, I'll poke the
appropriate people to attempt to get it fixed quickly - if this sounds
reasonable let me know and we'll start the process. Again, no promises as
to ETA but if you help us help you, things might move quite a bit faster :)


*Joel Madero*
LibreOffice QA Volunteer
jmadero.dev at gmail.com
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