[Libreoffice-qa] mab4.2 to mab4.3 migration almost over

Joel Madero jmadero.dev at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 09:16:19 PST 2014

On 12/17/2014 09:04 AM, Alexander Thurgood wrote:
> Le 16/12/2014 13:40, Tommy a écrit :
>> of the original 83 mab4.2 that were open at the time of 4.2.x EOL, 12
>> turned to be RESOLVED WORKSFORME in the 4.3.x or 4.4.x branch.
> More of interest to me would be to know how many of the moved MABs are :
> - more than 1 year old ;
> - more than 2 years old ;
> - even older than the above.
Sure this would be good to know.
> Shifting MABs is a convenient way of ignoring long-felt problems,
> sprucing up the QA stats, and a bit like ignoring back pain and hoping
> it will somehow go away.
I don't think it's a "convenient way of ignoring" - it's just our
workflow and has nothing to do with ignoring anything.
> Not that I have the capability of fixing the issues, mind you, but it
> sort of takes the bite out of the opensource mantra which swears that
> bugs get fixed more quickly compared to proprietary closed source projects.
I'm aware of no such mantra. My understanding is that we accept and are
transparent about our bugs - vs. closed source projects which hide
behind their veil of secrecy. Who is claiming this? Someone on our project?
> The fact of the matter is that longstanding bugs put people off either
> using the feature at all, hence dissuading them from even testing newer
> versions for that feature, and/or cause the user to switch to some other
> software which does do what he/she wants. Then you have lost the user
> potentially for ever.
Yes - and if the user leaves...well, we accept that there are
alternatives (mostly that they'd have to pay for). We shouldn't pretend
to our users that at $0 they're going to get a flawless product (hell
for $100/year you get a far from perfect product from our competitor) -
what we should do is ensure that we are transparent, offer the tools
needed for volunteers to fix problems, and offer accessibility for
enterprise users (or individual users) to get access to paid
support....all of which we do.

I know of someone just yesterday who had MSO crash on their Mac and they
lost everything - no documentation anywhere that Microsoft even knows
about the issue and virtually impossible to report the issue to them.
That person is trying LibreOffice this week ;)


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