[Libreoffice-qa] QA Public Call Time

Joel Madero jmadero.dev at gmail.com
Thu Feb 13 17:11:51 CET 2014

Hi All,

Instead of doing a doodle right off the bat with 48 times per day (every
half hour x 24) I'm going with asking if particular days are much better
for people. Maybe we can narrow it down to a day or two and then I can
build a doodle. Else it's a headache for me and for everyone filling out
the doodle (saying yes/no/maybe on nearly 200 times is a hassle). So if
we can get some tentative days that are better I'll create the doodle
and sent it out.

For me: Tuesday morning's are pretty good, Friday afternoon tends to be
okay (noon my time, PST -8), Thursday morning's could work (before 9:30
am my time, no earlier than 7). This schedule will stick for me until May.

That's just tentative but kind of what I'm looking for is some basic
guidance. Thanks!

All the best,

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