[Libreoffice-qa] 'free' testing on Moztrap

Sophie gautier.sophie at gmail.com
Thu Feb 20 05:36:56 PST 2014

Le 19/02/2014 16:43, mariosv a écrit :
> El 19/02/14 15:37, sophi [via Document Foundation Mail Archive] escribió:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm still reviewing the test we have in Moztrap and increasing them.
>> Because of the amount of bugs we had on Calc, we discussed about 'free'
>> tests on Moztrap where the tester just test one of his document and
>> report in Moztrap what's work/fail.
>> Unfortunately, it will be impossible for me to track the feedback in
>> case of failures and make a report on BZ based on it. I can't reach the
>> tester and I won't be able to reproduce with no clear steps and expected
>> results.
>> Have you some suggestions on how that testing could be made possible?
>> Cheers
>> Sophie
>> _______________________________________________
> Hi Sphie, all.
> In my point of view, link in Moztrap to BZ samples files good for test.
> I think in this way could be easy in the future if one test fails, track 
> their bug, reopen it, contact developer who patch it, etc. With a 
> minimal expense of disk space, avoiding file duplication. We are green :-)?.
> Maybe better invest the time in make easier report bugs.

Moztrap is done for people who are not able or who have no time to do
more QA, and also is supposed to be for non English speakers in the
future. Although may be it's possible to separate the tests, I'm not
sure if it's the best to tied it to BZ for beginners or occasional
testers in several languages.
> Thinking around, could be possible use bugzilla, specially when it will 
> be in our administration, for have the test in it. It's a knowed 
> administration, easy for search, for use as reference from bug reports, 
> much more visibility when publish, one place less to administrate. I 
> don't know but I think merits for take a think about.

It's a good idea, but in my opinion separated from MozTrap which should
stay a simple tool to participate in testing over regressions.


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