[Libreoffice-qa] Urgent clarification for Bug submitters/triagers! Attention Devs!

Christian Lohmaier lohmaier at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 24 11:40:57 PST 2014

Hi Pedro, *,

On Sun, Feb 23, 2014 at 1:16 PM, Pedro <pedlino at gmail.com> wrote:
> Since the 4.2.1 branch was closed with a single release and the current
> daily builds from the 4.2 branch are now named 4.2.3 (since Feb 20th), what
> happened to 4.2.2???

It has been written in all the related announcements such as
4.2.1 is an additional release that shifts the numbers of the
subsequent releases, not altering the rest of the schedule.

Also written in the announcement: The branch libreoffice-4-2-2 has
been created based on the 4-2-1 branch for this reason. Even in the
commit message that bumped the version to 4.2.3.* in the
libreoffice-4-2 branch this is mentioned.

> What does that mean for a bug like this one
> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=75376
> It worked in 4.2.0, it is broken in 4.2.1 (so it is a regression) and it is
> fixed in the daily builds named 4.2.3...
> Does it mean
> 1) it will be fixed for 4.2.2 and that the dailies are simply incorrectly
> named

No - the same thing applies as if something works on master, but not
in a released build: Whether it will be fixed in the upcoming release
only depends whether it is fixed in the branch for the release.

It is not different from having a bug in 4.1.4 rc1/release and having
a fix in the 4.1 branch. you cannot tell whether it will make it to
4.1.4 rc2 just by that observation.

The special thing here is that the rc1 and rc2 are separate releases this time.

> 2) there will be no 4.2.2 release and the fix will be included in the next
> release which will be named 4.2.3

That wouldn't make any sense whatsoever. Why would you leave a gap in
the version number?

> 3) there will be a 4.2.2 release (with no dailies)

yes, as this basically is just the rc2 that was initially planned for 4.2.1
(and this is no different from any rc1 to rc2 change - there never
have been dailies for those branches).

> and the bugs fixed in
> 4.2.3 will be released with 4.2.3 (so it would make sense to request this
> regression fix to be cherry picked?)

Not sure whether you mistyped something here or really mean it:
Yes, stuff fixed in the 4.2.3 daily builds will be included in the
4.2.3 release (unless they are reverted for some reason).

As that bug doesn't reference any commit that fixes the problem, I
cannot tell whether the problem is fixed or not in 4.2.2 branch.

The list of fixes that will be included in 4.2.2 that are not yet in
4.2.1 can be seen here:

Everything after the version bump is a change that will be included.

A summary:
"4.2.1 rc1" was released as 4.2.1 final
"4.2.1 rc2" will become 4.2.2 rc1 and thus 4.2.2 final

Some ascii-art to either clarify or confuse:

-+---------------- master branch          (dailies available here)
  \---+----------- libreoffice-4-2 branch (dailies available here)
       \#~~~~~     libreoffice-4-2-1 branch
        \*****---= libreoffice-4-2-2 branch

# → version that 4.2.1 rc1 and thus 4.2.1 was built from
~ → "dead end" commits, stuff that was committed to the 4-2-1 branch
for rc2, that won't be used since no further release will be done from
that branch
* → the "dead end" commits copied to the 4-2-2 branch, so they will be
included in 4.2.2
= → point where 4.2.2 rc1 will be made.


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