[Libreoffice-qa] Use of abbreviations in this ML

Thomas Hackert thackert at nexgo.de
Sat Jan 11 09:10:02 PST 2014

Hello Pedro, *,
On Samstag, 11. Januar 2014 12:50 Pedro wrote:
> Thomas Hackert wrote
>> "you guys"? It is used since so many years, that it should be
>> some kind of "general knowledge" ... ;) For example, if you
>> search for
>>> StarOffice "OnLine Help"
>> , you will see, that OOo/LO/AOO has inherited it from SO ... ;)
>> AOO seems to have renamed it to "Application Help" though. Maybe
>> we should follow their example to avoid further confusion ... ;)
> Actually that is not quite so https://help.libreoffice.org/

to what part of my answer are you referring to? That LO has 
inherited the term "OnLine Help" from SO? Or that AOO has renamed it 
to "Application Help"? And I have not written anything, that it is 
named in LO itself as "OnLine Help" – not as far as I know ... ;)

> "Thank you for using the LibreOffice application help. Press F1
> whenever you need help using the LibreOffice software, and you
> will be redirected to this site. Alternatively, you can install an
> off-line version of the help in your native language."
> So LO is naming "application help" the Online help and Off-line
> help the files that you install...

If you have installed the OLH, you will get this text without the 
information about the lang- or helppacks in your language ... ;)

> So when you mention OLH you are actually referring to the Off-line
> Help, right?

Yes, as I have written before ... ;)

> If you search for Off Line Help you will see that it is the naming
> convention for many (most?) other software companies (Autodesk,
> Adobe, etc) Offline means you are not connected and therefore
> using the installed help.

O.K., but as I would avoid to follow the examples of a company to 
not get accused for ... say ... stealing their ideas, registered 
trademarks, wordmarks etc. ... :( What about Free Software like 
Firefox? When I open the help menu in Firefox Nightly, I see 
"Nightly Help", which leads to https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/products/firefox?as=u&utm_source=inproduct (though I am not sure, 
if they offer an help to install/unpack it on your hard disk ... :( 
). The GIMP offers "Help – Help" (though I have not installed its 
help to test it further, sorry ... :( ). Other programs might handle 
it identical, but I have not the time at the moment to test it 
further ... :(

> Thomas Hackert wrote
>> ? We (or better: I) are not "Microsoft". Why on earth do you want
>> to follow M$ that closely, that we may run into trouble in the
>> future? On the Germanophone discuss list, we are discussing the
>> renaming of "Data Pilot" to "Pivot Table" at the moment. As M$
>> has registered "Pivot Table"
> I am not following MS in particular. I believe that it is a
> standard. Online means connected, Offline means disconnected.

Maybe. As Christian has explained it in the separate thread, the 
term "OnLine Help" originated from the past. If there would be a 
mechanism to change the entry (for example: If you have installed 
the help on your HD, the menu entry will show "Offline Help" or 
"Application Help" or just "Help". If you have not, it will show 
"Online Help" or something similar. Or an additional dialog with the 
warning, that you need an Internet connection to read the help or 
something like that.), then I think we should discuss about new 
names for it. But then I think, we should discuss it on the project 
list and/or somewhere else, as it will concern more people than the 
ones from QA ... :(

> I was also surprised when LO changed from Data Pilot to Pivot
> Table (although I understand that using the words people are used
> to makes sense). It just proves that the Patent laws are absurd.
> It makes sense to register "Excel" as a brand but "Pivot
> Tables"???

IIRC, they tried to register something more trivial in the past (the 
file open function or so?). And I think, they will try in in the 
future as well to minimise their competitors ... :( So I would be 
more than careful to follow their naming convention, although it may 
ease users to switch from their proprietary software to us or other 
Free Software ... ;)

> Thomas Hackert wrote
>> And a plea from my side: If you see some abbreviation here you do
>> not know now, would you be so kind to either ask here or – better
>> – do a quick search in the web, please (something like
>> "LibreOffice $abbreviation")?
> I tried that. I couldn't find OLH. I will ask first next time ;)

Thank you :)
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