[Libreoffice-qa] Use of abbreviations in this ML

Sophie gautier.sophie at gmail.com
Sat Jan 11 04:08:35 PST 2014

Hi Pedro, all,
Le 11/01/2014 12:50, Pedro a écrit :
> Good morning Thomas, all
> Thomas Hackert wrote
>> "you guys"? It is used since so many years, that it should be some 
>> kind of "general knowledge" ... ;) For example, if you search for
>>> StarOffice "OnLine Help"
>> , you will see, that OOo/LO/AOO has inherited it from SO ... ;) AOO 
>> seems to have renamed it to "Application Help" though. Maybe we 
>> should follow their example to avoid further confusion ... ;)
> Actually that is not quite so https://help.libreoffice.org/
> "Thank you for using the LibreOffice application help. Press F1 whenever you
> need help using the LibreOffice software, and you will be redirected to this
> site. Alternatively, you can install an off-line version of the help in your
> native language."
> So LO is naming "application help" the Online help and Off-line help the
> files that you install...
> So when you mention OLH you are actually referring to the Off-line Help,
> right?
> If you search for Off Line Help you will see that it is the naming
> convention for many (most?) other software companies (Autodesk, Adobe, etc)
> Offline means you are not connected and therefore using the installed help.

Some background here, there is no difference between the two helps,
these are the same files. Once translated, the help is built for the
product and also updated from time to time to the wiki (so the most up
to date and accurate is the OLH not the wiki).
The OLH comes from the fact that LibreOffice opens the help in its own
browser, and that exists before the help files was adapted to the wiki
(inherited from the SO time I think).
Hence the name stayed and we get used to it. But I understand it may be
confusing :)


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