[Libreoffice-qa] Minutes of ESC call 2014-01-09

Joren DC jorendc at libreoffice.org
Wed Jan 15 04:47:07 PST 2014

Markus Mohrhard schreef op 15/01/14 12:49:
> You can help by fixing the crashes or validation errors. Additionally
> there are a number of scripting tasks to make the information a bit
> pretty.
I did make a little python stats script that can display the total
number of passers/crashers per mimetype, that is parsed to csv format.
Easy to open using LibreOffice (of course ;-) ) and do some
calculations/visualization on it. I guess that's already a good starting
point for stats, but sadly I don't have time to develop it any further
next month or so (exams, master thesis, ...).
> IMHO it makes no sense to treat them as normal bugs or check the bug
> reports. The bug numbers in there are just part of the name of the
> file. It does not mean that they have any relations to the bug report.
> From my point of view the crash testing is more a developer tool that
> we use similar to unit tests to improve quality. From a QA perspective
> I think you can just enjoy the numbers and the improved quality.
True. For a non-developer, but QA volunteer, I am only interested in the
numbers. (trend per mimetype, and general trend).

Kind regards,

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