[Libreoffice-qa] Anybody got a printer and an envelope

Jay Philips philipz85 at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 13 20:08:01 PDT 2014

Hi All,

Users trying to print '#10 envelope' on any printer (Brother [77277],
Epson [75449], Canon [52926], etc [64966]) are having problems, so if
anybody can test this out, we can close these 4 bugs. The user in bug
77277 has stated that it works correctly in AOO 4.1, so whomever tests
it, please do test against it as well. One commenter has stated the
behaviour is there going back to 3.5. It would be good to import the AOO
code into LibO, if it is fixed there.

Anyone with a printer can also check out bug 75803, which is about
problems printing in portrait mode.

Status Update: I'm happy to report that there are only 9 unconfirmed
bugs remaining in writer (that arent created by me =) that have been
opened between jan 1st to july 1st and have less than 4 comments in
them. All with more than that have been commented on by one or more of
the team already and it would be good for them to be gone over by those
who have already commented on them and for their statuses to be change
if needed. A few i can tackle myself, but the below ones i cant.

TOC: 76365
Bibliography: 80753, 76967
Basic: 75430

Well the good news is that we've broken the 960 barrier that i've been
dying to get past for quite a while and are at 951 as of this email, and
here are the stats.

blocker		  4 (  0.42% )
critical	 22 (  2.31% )
major		 56 (  5.89% )
normal		690 ( 72.56% )
minor		 40 (  4.21% )
trivial		  7 (  0.74% )
enhancement	132 ( 13.88% )
Total		951

Jay Philips

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