[Libreoffice-qa] Anybody got a printer and an envelope

Marc Paré marc at marcpare.com
Mon Jul 14 06:51:56 PDT 2014

Hi Jay,

Le 2014-07-13 23:08, Jay Philips a écrit :
> Hi All,
> Users trying to print '#10 envelope' on any printer (Brother [77277],
> Epson [75449], Canon [52926], etc [64966]) are having problems, so if
> anybody can test this out, we can close these 4 bugs. The user in bug
> 77277 has stated that it works correctly in AOO 4.1, so whomever tests
> it, please do test against it as well. One commenter has stated the
> behaviour is there going back to 3.5. It would be good to import the AOO
> code into LibO, if it is fixed there.
> Anyone with a printer can also check out bug 75803, which is about
> problems printing in portrait mode.

Done and posted. Seems to work on my setup.


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