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Bjoern Michaelsen bjoern.michaelsen at canonical.com
Mon Jul 14 06:54:02 PDT 2014


just to quickly expand on that:

On Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 02:35:43PM +0200, Sophie wrote:
> > I believe it is always possible for the checkers to trust the
> > "reporters" and follow the "steps to reproduce" on their own material
> > ****first****; if they can't do that, they probably should ask
> > themselves about their true motivations in this forum. 
> I found what you say not fair for our QA members, they are doing their
> best to triage hundreds or reports each week.
> It is rare that
> > the reporters use tricky configurations with tricky files and so on.
> Each way of work is different, each configuration may have their own
> settings depending on the company or the work.

Pragmatically, if the bug is not reproducable by a QA triager (that is: someone
else than the reporter), it will also not be reproducable by a developer.
Without that, the bug cant be fixed really (for a fix also cannot be verified).
A bug report that is not fixable is by itself unfortunately not of much value
to the project.

As such, we need the reporter to find a way to create a confirmed reproduction
scenario. In fact, this is the small contribution (by the reporter) that helps
enabling a much bigger contribution (the fix, done by a developer).

With development resource being limited (they always are), they will -- all
other things being equal -- naturally and effectively be used on the most
well-triaged issues.



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