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Mon Jul 14 14:48:38 PDT 2014

>From my experience asking for an example file is the best way to triage for
following reasons:
- saves time - you can download the attachment and check it in different
builds right away - important with current backlog in Unconfirmed bugs
- reproducible case - sometimes when you follow the STRs and create document
from scratch the bug can be gone.
Users' files can have their history - be created in different build, envs,
corrupted etc. So asking for a file is a best way to receive verified test
- involve the reporter - some people tend to use Bugzilla as file and forget
system. Needinfo stats tell a story...
Bug reports with attachments are more interesting than those without them.
Some reporters do even screencasts or special STR graphics to help the
triagers. IMHO there is no need to panic that most triagers ask for them. 
Overall I think this is a good policy and reporters should be educated how
good bug report should look like. 
If a reporter cannot spend few minutes to attach a file or make a
confidential one into a public document (by search and replace strings - if
that makes bug still reproducible), then how can he demand a fix? This
cannot be made without a reproducible test case.
BTW: Mr Manciot is active in Wireshark Bugzilla, so should be accustomed
that good bug report needs attachment. LO needs users' files as much as
Wireshark example frame captures... 
Best regards.
As for bugs closed as Invalid or Worksforme - there are defined QA documents
which describe how this process should look like. See
https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/QA/BugTriage or
https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/QA/BugReport. Most triagers respect
them, but those rules are, well, more guidance than a strict policy.
LibreOffice is powered by a team of volunteers, every bug is confirmed
(triaged) by human beings who mostly give their time for free. Some people
see things from different perspective and don't like to "babysit" stagnant

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