[Libreoffice-qa] Toolbar Proposal Completed

Gerry T. gerry.treppel at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 31 03:28:44 PDT 2014

Hi Jay, hi all,

thanks a lot for your work with the toolbar proposal.

I had a look at the screenshots and the coments on this list. I would 
like to add a few comments, too. I also wanted to send it to the UX 
mailing list, but I could not find Jay's related email there.

First, I like the grouping of icons. I think it is a good idea that 
everything is accessible and the interface clean. However, I understand 
the criticism that some people may not find their buttons anymore. 
Hence, it would be perfect, if there is a super-simple method to 
permanently add buttons out of a group to the toolbar. The best method 
would be if the icon from the group can be simply put there by 
drag&drop. Then the user has his/her preferred icon again on the 
toolbar. Such an easy mechanism will save lots of headaches on all sides.

There are two icons, I would definitively not remove from the default set.
Please don't remove:

  * "New file" icon which currently is on the top left side of the
    toolbar. I have seen lots of people using it and it shows the
    excellent integration of all office components (which is a big plus
    compared to MS Office!). People will be very confused if they do not
    easily find their way of starting a new document. Think of the
    confusion about the "backstage-flower" in MS Office 2007. People had
    been revolting that they did not find new, open, save and print.
  * "Styles and formatting" currently on the second row left side of the
    toolbar. If statistically people are not using this button enough,
    it is a matter to promote this button more, as the reliance on
    styles is LibreOffice's big strength. (taken from the OSBA-funding
    site, additionally chart styles and object styles are in
    development. Table styles in Writer and Calc are still missing, though).

A general question: How does the toolbar proposal integrate with the new 

Best greetings,

Am 26.07.2014 06:08, schrieb Jay Philips:
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