[Libreoffice-qa] [MozTrap] Web Page Wizard suppresses most of the text from the community brochure

Thomas Hackert thackert at nexgo.de
Mon Mar 3 09:40:13 PST 2014

Hello @ll,
as I was testing the Wizards in MozTrap wrt translation issues, I 
stumbled upon the following:

1. Download 
2. Start LO
3. Click Enter without changing anything in the first dialog
4. Click "Add..." and choose the above mentioned file
5. Click "Next", until you reach "4. Layout details"
6. Choose "Author", "Creation date", "Number of pages" and 
7. Click "Next"
8. In "5. Styles", choose "Blue & Black" as style, the topleft 
(space.jpg) as background image, and "Cubic, 3D, Orange & Blue" as 
icon set
9. Click "Next"
10. Choose a title, description, enter your mail address, etc.
11. Click "Next"
12. Now click the ellipsis (...) behind "To a local folder"
13. Choose one (better, create a new folder to save the HTML site, 
pictures and the like ... ;) ).
14. Now open the freshly created index.html in your browser (I used 
FF 29.0a2 (2014-03-02) )
15. Click on the link "LibreOfficeV.4.0.x-CommunityBrochureTemplate-

On my system, I can only see the three top LibreOffice rectangles 
and three green bars above


“The free office suite the community
has been dreaming of for 12 years.” "

... :(
Can someone confirm this?

Webpage created with LO Version: Build ID: 
3be8cda0bddd8e430d8cda1ebfd581265cca5a0f and installed Germanophone 
lang- as well as helppack on Debian Testing i386, viewed with FF 
29.0a2 (2014-03-02)

Thanks for an answer in advance

God made machine language; all the rest is the work of man.

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