[Libreoffice-qa] Unconfirmed jump - sorry!

Joel Madero jmadero.dev at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 08:24:46 PST 2014

On 11/04/2014 08:13 AM, Cor Nouws wrote:
> Joel Madero wrote on 04-11-14 17:06:
>> On 11/04/2014 07:58 AM, Cor Nouws wrote:
>>> Joel Madero wrote on 04-11-14 16:34:
>>>> @ Cor - if you'd like you can take a look yourself and move them to NEW
>>> Thanks for explaining Joel.
>>> By how did they end in the wrong REOPENED state in the first place?
>> I have been looking at the history to see if the bug was ever marked as
>> NEW - I touched about 55 bugs yesterday and some moved directly to NEW.
>> As to how they got to REOPENED status - who knows, sometimes a user
>> incorrectly set it after a bug was set to NEEDINFO, sometimes a QA
>> member incorrectly set it, etc . . . it's hard to say that there is
>> consistency.
> Trying to get consistency is good. But I'm quite confident that it's
> hard too with may different /new volunteers.
> And people - like me - not looking too much at documentation, for some
> reason..

Indeed it's hard but to me that doesn't mean ignore the problem.
REOPENED bugs are literally ignored by everyone - devs don't touch them,
QA don't touch them, they just sit forever. 275 isn't too bad for me to
handle alone and get them either into NEW or to UNCONFIRMED. After this
point, we can keep track of them better and keep them under control by
spreading out the work amongst all the volunteers. Not paying attention
to documentation shouldn't prevent us from at least trying to do it right ;)

Warm Regards,

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