[Libreoffice-qa] QA Meeting Minutes - 2014-11-05

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Fri Nov 7 09:51:41 PST 2014


Robinson Tryon wrote
> The goal of this test install is for us to verify that it can operate
> in the same fashion as Bugzilla running on FDO. Because email is used
> so heavily in the bug tracker, I think it would be a huge burden to
> try to test if we shunted the bugmail to a file. Do you have any
> suggestions about how we could make testing easier in that scenario?

You are missing a point - you took a database and want to test it with real
messages. Nobody gave you explicit permission to use their email. I would be
very surprised to receive any mail from unknown Bugzilla install just
because I'm CCed on more than 1k bugs and someone is testing something.  

Robinson Tryon wrote
> One option could be to just disabled bugmail for everyone, and then
> testers would have to turn it back on

This is the idea. I don't know what you want to test with bugmail enabled.
Sending of mails? Jobqueue.pl script?
TDF mailserver infrastructure? Send the bugmails to mailserver, but not to
the people.

Robinson Tryon wrote
> Yep, if we do start to run into some limitations, we can definitely
> look into optimizations for Postgres, consider allocating more memory,
> etc..

Nice example of big Bugzilla infrasctructure is here =

Robinson Tryon wrote
> Sure. I took a quick glance, but didn't immediately see a config
> option to disable its display. If someone knows where to toggle that
> on/off, please let me know, otherwise I'll dig deeper for it soon :-)

Seems you have  timetrackinggroup defined. If you want to disable it - just
change to empty value.

Robinson Tryon wrote
> As I've mentioned previously, we really hope to make the migration involve
> as
> small a delta as possible from what's running on the FDO servers
> today. So unless there are some very important reasons for making a
> change (e.g. adding the standard TDF legal/license footer to
> Bugzilla), my suggestion is to put those changes off to the side for
> now.

Please compare bug page on freedesktop and test install. Noticed a
difference? I still don't know if this diff is because you want to have
default Bugzilla UI or just because you do not have template changes copied
from FDO install.
Best regards.

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