[Libreoffice-qa] BSA 2.0 - First Draft of Concept Questions

Joel Madero jmadero.dev at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 17:40:24 PDT 2014

On 09/10/2014 04:32 PM, Jay Philips wrote:
> Hey Joel,
> Yes i think a step by step process is a nice user friendly way to go.
> When Calligra Words crashed on me, their step by step bug report was fun
> to go through.
> About your doc, here are some thoughts.
> 1) I'm assuming that many users coming to the BSA are coming through the
> Help > Send Feedback menu item and the libreoffice version number will
> be provided through this link, so the first question should be for the
> user to enter in the libreoffice version they are using and that the
> list be automatically set to the version present in the link. After the
> user selects his version, or simply clicks ok as his version is already
> selected, then either it takes him to the 'please upgrade your version'
> notice or step 2.
Not sure I'm following this.
> 2) I think we should ask them to download the latest stable/still
> version if they are running an EOL version or if they are on an older
> version of the current stable/still.
I strongly disagree - if it's fixed in Fresh - that is sufficient 95% of
the time (ie. we're not going to go dig through to find a backport if
stable isn't fixed). The idea here is to lessen the load on QA, not to
increase, and this would increase it. Else they download stable, confirm
that their minor bug is still in it, report, we find that it's fixed in
Fresh, and just set to WFM. This is not the ideal situation. They can
always download stable - we'll just direct them to the Fresh page, if
they go to the Stable branch, fine.
> 3) Step 2 should be asking the user for his operating system, with that
> being automatically selected by means of javascript through the user's
> browser agent (florian already has that code).
Takes more work to implement. Florian's thing is a concept, not
currently workable without additional steps by user.
> 3) Step 3 should be asking them if this is a bug report or an
> enhancement request and this step should be skipped if the user clicks
> the two different links on <
> http://www.libreoffice.org/get-help/feedback/ >, as presently they link
> to the same page.
Again this takes more work and coding WITHIN LibreOffice but I'm not
opposed to the idea.
> 4) Step 4 is only for users who are submitting a bug report and that
> asks them if this bug had happened in a previous version and shows the
> version list with the first entry being something like "i'm not sure".
Yup agreed.
> 5) I think it would be great to have bug priority set by simple yes/no
> questions, but think that is the job of the QA team to set that feature,
> and a simple yes/no question of whether it hangs/crashes is sufficient
> for BSA bug reporters.
This would just set a "quasi" setting that could always be changed, I
disagree that we can't ask users to help us. Else - the reality is we
don't have the time to even triage bugs let alone deal with prioritizing
them. A rough idea through 4 questions seems fine and if users are
unhappy answering 4 simple questions, I have little patience for taking
my time to triage their bugs.


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