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Michael Stahl mstahl at redhat.com
Tue Jan 27 04:38:57 PST 2015

On 27.01.2015 08:12, Robinson Tryon wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 1:20 AM, Tommy <barta at quipo.it> wrote:
>> +1. we really need to remove a lot of those useless keywords
> Here's the current list of keywords:
> ALL: What should go?
> ----
> bisected (255)
> The bug has been successfully connected to a code commit that
> introduced the bug (such as with "git bisect").

useful, keep

> bisect_pending (0)
> The bug seems likely to benefit from bisecting, (such as easy to
> reproduce, etc.), but the bisect has not yet been performed. See also
> the "bisected" keyword.

this sounds similar to BibisectRequest - which one to keep?

> cleanup0407 (2)
> April 2007 bug cleanup.


> have-backtrace (232)
> bugs that have a useful backtrace

useful, keep

> i18n (26)
> Xorg Internationalisation issues (i18n)

sounds potentially useful, we don't have a "component" with similar
scope (but if we keep it the description needs to remove "Xorg" and it
should be merged with "l10" as they seem very similar)

> janitor (9)
> Cleanup bugs, usually trivial.

sounds like EasyHack? DELETE

> l10n (51)
> Xorg/X11 Localisation issues

see "i18n" above

> licence (2)
> Files with licence problems (e.g. mixing incompatible licences,
> missing/non-permissive copyrights, et al)

not sure if we want this, best to get BoD's opinion on that...

> love (8)
> Marking a bug with this keyword means that you're willing to help
> someone fix the bug, or that it should be fixable by a beginner
> without any help. This should ONLY be set by a maintainer or people
> familiar with the code base, and ONLY when it looks like a project
> suitable for a new developer looking for a task.

covered by EasyHack -> DELETE

> movetoxkc (0)
> Bugs that should be moved to xkeyboard-config, if still applicable.


> The bug does not have enough information in order to solve the
> problem. Please read the comments and add the relevant information
> required to aid in solving the problem.

this is a status, so doesn't need to be a keyword too?

> notourbug (2)
> It's not really our bug, but we might work around it anyway.


> patch (21)
> Bugs with a valid patch.

the patch attachment should have the "patch" flag set which can be
queried so why do we need this?

> regression (3392)
> Xorg bug regressions (issues previously fixed but somehow broken again)

keep the all-time favorite, remove "Xorg" from description though

> security (6)
> Security-sensitive bugs

sure, let's keep them in the public bug tracker :D

> want-backtrace (13)
> Bugs whose triage could be greatly accelerated with the addition of a
> backtrace from the crash.

hmm sounds like it could be useful...

> x12 (0)
> Bugs that require a protocol version bump.


>> and add some [keywords]
>> that are nore useful.
> We have a number of "tags" that we put in the Whiteboard right now
> https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/QA/Bugzilla/Fields/Whiteboard
> (also see advanced page)
> Many of those could become keywords.
> ALL: Proposals on which ones?

"confirmedRegression" never served any purpose and should be summarily

"possibleRegression" could be a keyword, unless it's considered too
transient a state... is that a criterion? hmmm... why not just add it...

"confirmed:VERSION:OS" "noRepro:VERSION:OS" "needsSOFTWARE"
"needsHARDWARE" "target:X.Y" "summary:comment#" are not fixed so cannot
be keyword

"bibisected" should be keyword

"odf" and "odf_validation" should be keywords

"a11y" sounds useful as a keyword

"perf" sounds useful as a keyword

"interoperability" could be a keyword too, although perhaps a better
name is required that indicates this is about Microsoft Office and its
formats in particular ("MSOinterop"? "MSO"? "MSinterop"? "MSOffice"?).

there are *lots* of easy-hack related ones... not sure about those?
perhaps better leave them in the whiteboard since we may often add
additional ones etc. and the keyword list may become cluttered?

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