[Libreoffice-qa] Java SI-GUI - Feedback wanted (no screenshots)

Florian Reisinger florei at libreoffice.org
Mon Jun 22 08:39:59 PDT 2015

Today I started with a re-programming of SI-GUI, which should support Linux and Windows (Java 8).
I started with an improved download detecting algorithm, the UI will follow last.

-No auto update out of the box
-Less time till mid September

I have no idea if this is something funding is appropriate for...

Ideas on the UI are very welcome (I will give JavaFX a try)

I have been asking on my blog, whether this is wanted by the community or not.

Why Java and not a port?
SI-GUI was my first program and it looks like crap from the inside. I tried once to improve it, but with 64 bit builds coming soon ( ;) ) adaption is needed...

Any idea, comments, etc. I have never used localisation in Java, but I know it is possible :)

PS: Why not Mac support. I am planning such a support, but neither do I have access to a Mac nor I have an idea how parallel builds are done there.

PS2: I guess I will improve handling of links...  Via JNI on Windows, on Linux I assume it is writing a file
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