[Libreoffice-qa] Bugzilla: Adding new Status for 'abandoned' bugs?

Tommy barta at quipo.it
Mon Nov 9 12:45:33 PST 2015

Robinson Tryon wrote:
> Hi all,
> As mentioned in the ESC call, it could be helpful to add a new
> Bugzilla Status that encompasses bugs that have been abandoned/don't
> have enough data.
> => What type of bugs would this cover?
> * User isn't willing to share private document with anyone, and we
> can't reproduce

if the user don't wanna share data where we can reproduce his/her bug 
it's not a valid bug report.... anonymizing strategies are described in 
the wiki to hide sensible data so there's no real excuse not to share files.

> * Bug sits in NEEDINFO status for 6+ months
> * (other situations?)
> ...

if the user don't wanna provide additional infos after 6 months of 
waiting this is not a valid bug report...

consider that after 6 month you receive a NEEDINFO ping giving you an 
extra month to give infos before being labeled as INVALID, so that's 7 
months of waiting, a timeframe which should be enough to provide a valid 
answer to many question

 > => Reasoning:
 > * We currently mark abandoned bugs as RESOLVED WORKSFORME, or RESOLVED
 > INVALID, but an additional Status value could help us be more precise
 > in indicating why a bug has been set aside.
 > * An additional Status would allow us to be more diplomatic with tough
 > users, and avoid the potential negatives of "INVALID" or "WORKS FOR
 > ME" on such bugs

I think we should keep labeling those as INVALID

IMHO the time spent to implement this new 
ABANDONED/EXPIRED/WHATEVERstate will be almost useless...

in both cases the fault of the bug closure is the reporting user
so I really do not care at all being diplomatic with people who don't 
provide necessary informations.

just my 2 cents

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