[Libreoffice-qa] Reminder: QA Meeting on Wednesday

Pedro pedlino at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 03:52:32 PST 2015

Hi Joel

jmadero wrote
> That's unfortunate, we should talk about moving the time and/or finding
> some other way to get dedicated people like yourself on live chat during
> meeting.

If the meeting could be one hour and a half later (14:30 UTC) I could make
it, but that is probably too late for people somewhere else in the world?

jmadero wrote
>> Isn't 16% of Regressions something that TDF should be worried about? 
> I'm not sure what "worried about" really means. If a major issue was
> resolved and the side effect is a minor regression, not so much. If
> instead there are a ton of minor fixes that have created crashers, more
> of an issue. I'd need a lot more information to adequately judge the
> problem.

I think that even  minor regressions are enough to demotivate users. From a
Quality perspective regressions should be a major concern.

jmadero wrote
> From QA perspective it's not our job to judge or dictate how developers
> work. They are volunteers, and they should be respected like volunteers.

QA people are also volunteers. Yet you are not afraid to suggest what should
be done (reducing Unconfirmed bug count, bibisecting) and when (Bug hunting
I think you are not disrespecting QA volunteers when you do that...
Is it too much to ask that Developers are organized in a similar way?

jmadero wrote
> Before demanding a lot of other's time, I personally would prefer we do
> our job as good as possible.

Agreed. But since there are less than 500 Unconfirmed bugs (which might not
even be bugs or could be duplicates) and there are nearly 4500 open bugs
(out of which 700 are Regressions) probably it would have a higher impact on
Quality to tackle the largest slice of the pie?

Best regards,

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