[Libreoffice-qa] Revisiting BH (Bughunt) session organization

Cor Nouws oolst at nouenoff.nl
Fri Feb 5 09:03:35 CET 2016

Hi Sophie, all,

Sophie wrote on 04-02-16 14:02:

> We would like to rethink the bug hunting sessions organization to make
> them more attractive. The last ones were really too quiet with few
> people joining.

Good that you ask! I've noticed the problem too.
No clear idea for a solution in mind yet, but let me start to explain
what we've seen over the past years.
With the first (few) bughunt sessions there was a clear energy among the
QA volunteers. Because is was new, there was the feeling of urgency,
excitement and so on. And it was new to the general public and media
too. So there was a great coverage.
Now it's not new, maybe some people have the feeling that getting a bit
more rest is more urgent then doing a bit more QA work, there is no
feeling of urgency. It's a PR, that we know will be there 6 times a year...

> What would be your ideas?
> Cloph already proposed to have them on one day only. Would Friday be the
> good day?

Thinking of a new form is good. And maybe even more.
What pops up in my mind now: imagine that the ESC defines a area in
product, that could benefit from a tender to get bugs solved and that
the board puts, say, 100 k in (I realize there are some constraints
around that, but expect that could be solved). Such a project would
probably benefit from a careful clean up and further testing of bugs in
that area. So that would be new and have a new appealing goal.

Anyway: the regular form doesn't work any more. So maybe with each new
release define a goal (announce something related to new features for
example), and find a different or related form?

Look forward to what others think,

Cor Nouws
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