[Libreoffice-qa] Revisiting BH (Bughunt) session organization

MiguelAngelLO miguelangelrv at libreoffice.org
Sat Feb 6 02:02:54 CET 2016

Hi Sophie, Cor, QA,

maybe defining a target for the sessions could help.

On one side, I think people are not waiting for a session to report the 
issues they find, in fact there are a lot of reports about 5.1.

On the other there is not a definite objective for the sessions.

IMHO sessions could be to analyze specifically the Release Notes.

I had done with the two first for 5.1, on the last holidays, now pending 
to report on the QA ML.

Here my draft of what I did:

Testing Release Notes 5.1 - Spelling dialog no longer automatically 
closes once spellcheck is complete. tdf#79312 (Marek Dolezel)

Release notes link: 

OS:            Win10x64
Processor:     IC i3 CPU M 330 @2.13GHz
Graphics:      AMD M Radeon HD 5000 v15.11

LibreOffice options:
- Memory 	Graphics cache 48 MB
- OpenGL	Enable.
- OpenCL 	N/A
- Other  	N/A

Version: (x64)
Build ID: 53054959a12edc6510f51b94ddc9b73d27aedaf6
Threads 4; Ver: Windows 6.19; Render: default;

Version master: (x64)
Build ID: a454a9b3ae0f6ab81012fbef7b3ff6f0f44bf6cb
Threads 4; Ver: Windows 6.19; Render: default;
TinderBox: Win-x86_64 at 62-TDF, Branch:MASTER, Time: 2015-12-02_06:37:24

	- With blank page
	- Replacing several words
	- Without words to replace.
	- With a large file GS42-GettingStartedLO.odt

Test result:	Ok.:)

Help:	- inner	N/A
	- net	N/A

Usability:    		10/10
Overall evaluation:   	08/10

Implications: 	N/A.
Comments: 	N/A.

Or perhaps something like this could be standardized in Moztrap, so we 
can have a better organize record.

The second fact is that devs if they like :), can follow the 
verification of their work, having a feedback about, from people who are 
not necessarily being devs, but usually with a certain level of 
acknowledgment on the use of LibreOffice.

Miguel Ángel.

El 05/02/16 a las 9:03, Cor Nouws escribió:
> Hi Sophie, all,
> Sophie wrote on 04-02-16 14:02:
>> We would like to rethink the bug hunting sessions organization to make
>> them more attractive. The last ones were really too quiet with few
>> people joining.
> Good that you ask! I've noticed the problem too.
> No clear idea for a solution in mind yet, but let me start to explain
> what we've seen over the past years.
> With the first (few) bughunt sessions there was a clear energy among the
> QA volunteers. Because is was new, there was the feeling of urgency,
> excitement and so on. And it was new to the general public and media
> too. So there was a great coverage.
> Now it's not new, maybe some people have the feeling that getting a bit
> more rest is more urgent then doing a bit more QA work, there is no
> feeling of urgency. It's a PR, that we know will be there 6 times a year...
>> What would be your ideas?
>> Cloph already proposed to have them on one day only. Would Friday be the
>> good day?
> Thinking of a new form is good. And maybe even more.
> What pops up in my mind now: imagine that the ESC defines a area in
> product, that could benefit from a tender to get bugs solved and that
> the board puts, say, 100 k in (I realize there are some constraints
> around that, but expect that could be solved). Such a project would
> probably benefit from a careful clean up and further testing of bugs in
> that area. So that would be new and have a new appealing goal.
> Anyway: the regular form doesn't work any more. So maybe with each new
> release define a goal (announce something related to new features for
> example), and find a different or related form?
> Look forward to what others think,
> Ciao,
> Cor

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