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On Thursday, 2016-01-07 13:20:25 -0700, GĂ©rard Fargeot wrote:

> The reporter first, yhen Joel close yhe bug report.
> I'm not sure this is a good idea. The screenshot provided by Miroslav show
> that Excel handles functions in the same way whether the argument either
> text or number.
> =COUNTIF(range;1)
> =COUNTIF(range;"1")
> =COUNTIF(range;"=1")
> provides the same result in Excel with range having text data while Calc
> count only numerical values for the 1st one.
> This apply to COUNTIF(S) and SUMIF(S).
> What is the opinion of dev's about this (Eike or another)? Should we comply
> to Excel in this case or not ?

My take on that is that COUNTIF(range;1) queries a numeric value.
But if Excel does it different and therefor users expect the same
behavior we probably have to change it for interoperability.


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