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M Henri Day mhenriday at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 11:51:16 UTC 2016

2016-03-07 18:47 GMT+01:00 Pedro <pedlino at gmail.com>:

> Hi all
> The most frequent questions from people providing help in the User mailing
> list and in the Bug tracker is: "What is your OS architecture?", "Are you
> using the 32 bit version of LibreOffice ?"
> Isn't it possible that this information is included in the About dialog?
> In addition to
> Version:
> Build ID: 89f508ef3ecebd2cfb8e1def0f0ba9a803b88a6d
> CPU Threads: 2; OS Version: Windows 5.1; UI Render: default;
> Locale: pt-PT (pt_PT)
> something like
> Version: *(x86 = 32bit)*
> Build ID: 89f508ef3ecebd2cfb8e1def0f0ba9a803b88a6d
> CPU Threads: 2; OS Version: Windows 5.1 *(x64 =64bit)*; UI Render: default;
> Locale: pt-PT (pt_PT)
> Of course supporting users would still have to ask the user to copy and
> paste the info from the About dialog, but it would save the time to ask
> (and/or explain) the OS architecture and the LibreOffice architecture (most
> new Windows machines have an x64 OS but you can't assume that LibreOffice
> is
> also...)
> Should I create an enhancement request on this? Is it useful? Will someone
> care?
> Cheers,
> Pedro

​On Linux Mint 17.3, I install newer versions of ​
​LO via a ppa, but there I find no information regarding whether the
versions to be installed are 32-bit or 64-bit. If I check my current
version in LO, I see the following :

Build ID: 1:5.1.1~rc2-0ubuntu1~trusty0
CPU-trådar: 4; Version av operativsystem: Linux 4.2; UI-rendering:
Språkinställning: sv-SE (sv_SE.UTF-8)

but no information on whether the version I have installed is, in fact,
32-bit or 64-bit. Is there anyway to obtain this information ?...

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