[Libreoffice-qa] More information in About dialog

Rene Engelhard rene at debian.org
Sat Mar 12 15:52:11 UTC 2016


On Fri, Mar 11, 2016 at 09:52:15AM -0700, V Stuart Foote wrote:
> But perusing the code showed it had only been done to distinguish the 64-bit
> Windows builds. [1]  Hmm, maybe I need to spend more time in Linux sessions.
> Anyhow, Michael M.'s suggested easy hack looks to provide hooks for a
> consistent indicator on all build platforms.  Any takers?

That would be uname -m, for UNIX-like stuff.

But that wouldn't say x64:

(jessie)rene at frodo ~ % uname --help
Usage: uname [OPTION]...
Print certain system information.  With no OPTION, same as -s.

  -a, --all                print all information, in the following order,
                             except omit -p and -i if unknown:
  -s, --kernel-name        print the kernel name
  -n, --nodename           print the network node hostname
  -r, --kernel-release     print the kernel release
  -v, --kernel-version     print the kernel version
  -m, --machine            print the machine hardware name
  -p, --processor          print the processor type or "unknown"
  -i, --hardware-platform  print the hardware platform or "unknown"
  -o, --operating-system   print the operating system
      --help     display this help and exit
      --version  output version information and exit

GNU coreutils online help: <http://www.gnu.org/software/coreutils/>
Report uname translation bugs to <http://translationproject.org/team/>
Full documentation at: <http://www.gnu.org/software/coreutils/uname>
or available locally via: info '(coreutils) uname invocation'
(jessie)rene at frodo ~ % uname -m    
(jessie)rene at frodo ~ %

And note LO does not only support i386 and amd64 and there is more 64-bit
archs (see http://buildd.debian.org/libreoffice), so doing a
32bit -> x32 (or nothing)
64bit -> x64
mapping would be simply wrong, you ideally you put uname -m's output there.

But honestly, I don't see the need in this (at least for Linux)



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