[Libreoffice-qa] minutes of ESC call ...

Thorsten Behrens thb at libreoffice.org
Fri Feb 17 02:40:06 UTC 2017

Michael Meeks wrote:
>     + online (Michael)
>       + online branch maintenance (Thorsten)
>          + wondering for 5.3 – what’s the policy ?
>          + not using gerrit much.
>          + customer wants to do stabilization & bug-fixing
>              - plan for one review in gerrit (Thorsten)
To expand a bit on that, very happy to say that Kopano
(https://kopano.com/) is sponsoring us to improve the stable TDF
branch of LibreOffice Online, which so far has not seen many

We'll monitor bugzilla of course, but wouldn't mind a direct poke, if
you think some area needs particular attention.

All the best,

-- Thorsten
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