[Libreoffice-qa] Issue Gallery Theme Export To Extension

Andreas Mantke maand at gmx.de
Wed Sep 5 20:27:42 UTC 2018


it was possible to easily create a new gallery theme with former
versions of LibreOffice and create an extension to deploy it to other
users. LibreOffice created three new files in the 'gallery' subdirectory
of the users configuration. You could copy (and rename) this files and
put them in a subdirectory of the gallery-extension. If a user installed
it on his/her computer, the new theme were added to his/her gallery and
could be inserted by drag and drop into a document.

This way is not available anymore (since at least LibreOffice 6.0).
LibreOffice creates in addition to the three files a subdirectory with
the new graphics (the ones that are added to the new theme). But if you
copy the whole files in the 'gallery' subdirectory and also the
subdirectory with the graphics into the subdirectory of the extension
you could install the extension, see a new gallery theme, but could not
drag and drop the graphics into a document. You will get a dialog
instead, that shows in one field the (old) link to the graphic. This is
the absolute link to the graphic at that time when the gallery theme was

If you have a look into the *.sdg file of the new gallery theme, you'll
find the absolute path to the graphic(s) at the end of it. It should
have been a relative path to the graphic(s).

This new behavior of LibreOffice makes it impossible to create and share
LibreOffice gallery extensions. The included graphics will never be found.

I have to update my documentation about non-code extensions next days
and explain that it is only possible to create gallery extensions with
former (not actively supported) versions of LibreOffice yet.

Kind regards,

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