[Libreoffice-qa] Automatic Formatting _Underline_ /Italics/ *Bold* -Strikethrough-

Marc Paré marc at marcpare.com
Sat May 2 10:54:17 UTC 2020

Thanks for pointing me to bug-59754 for which I am more concerned about.

I would like to see this discussed on merit.

If we are serious about making LibreOffice accessible to more users,
then we should have predictable returns on typing text in documents.
This will make LibreOffice more of a reliable suite and lead to less
confusion and frustration by users. Using the argument that this will be
an occasion for users to expand their knowledge is the wrong approach;
the end result of this default setting is to only frustrate users for no
reason at all. LibreOffice then has to take a hit on the bad reputation
side for having set as default an added feature that it calls

This should be discussed as it is, at best, bad marketing of the product
when it creates frustration for no reason at all. Making settings return
predictable results will make the suite more of a valuable tool to a
larger expanding group of users and avoid comments of frustration on
such obvious mistake at setting a reasonable default.


Le 20-05-02 à 02 h 14, Heiko Tietze a écrit :
> You are not alone. But the idea was rejected in the past.
> Disable autocompletion/autocorrect by default
> https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=59754
> AutoCorrect need alternative for handling use of keyboard input of apostrophe as apostrophe (rather than single quote) 
> https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=127883
> (and other)
> On 02.05.20 03:56, Marc Paré wrote:
>> Someone on a list other than LibreOffice pointed out that the initial
>> settings in AutoCorrect are set with the following formatting
>> feature-default of, when you type:
>> _CausesTextToBeUnderlined_  /CausesTextToBeItalicized/  
>> *CausesTextToBeBold  -CausesTextToBeStruckThrough-
>> As I would see this more of a formatting "feature" and not of a
>> formatting "correction", I wonder if the initial user-default with these
>> switched ON makes sense. To me, such a "feature" would be best
>> rationalized as a feature one would offer to a user wishing to use
>> keyboard alternatives to the conventional Ctrl-B, Ctrl-U etc switches.
>> I wonder if, from a regular user point of view, it would make better
>> sense to have the initial settings in "Tools-->AutoCorrect-->AutoCorrect
>> Options-->Options" set with these switches OFF (default). This would
>> then mean that, should a user start typing a URL such as /home/test,
>> that user would not continually have to battle to rid him/herself of the
>> "home" being formatted into an italics "home" and not being allowed to
>> complete the URL without being formatting before typing the complete
>> line as is. I would argue, that, setting the switches to the OFF
>> position as the LibreOffice default, would return a format that one
>> would expect when typing any stings such as /home/test etc.
>> Having these switches turned ON as the LibreOffice default, from the
>> point of view of a regular-user wishing to adopt the LibreOffice suite,
>> returns a behaviour that is NOT expected, and, raises the level of
>> frustration a little more as to deciding whether to adopt the suite or
>> expecting to trouble-shoot an issue where the result goes contrary to
>> what one would expect.
>> I wonder if we could re-consider the ON-default and leave these switches
>> to the OFF position?
>> This would then give a better result of, where more-advanced-users,
>> wishing to adopt the LibreOffice suite, and, wanting to expand
>> formatting switches, being pleasantly surprised that these switches
>> exist (a positive reaction), rather than what we presently have, where,
>> a regular-user wishing to adopt the LibreOffice suite, experiencing the
>> unpleasant auto-correction switches formatting text in a way that is not
>> expected (a negative reaction) and making that user doubt his/her choice
>> of LIbreOffice adoption.
>> Leaving new-LibreOffice adopters with a good impression, with very few,
>> if any, complaints would seem to be a good goal; making the initial
>> default to the OFF position, in my opinion, a good change.
>> Marc
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